Unoccupied Property Insurance - Frequently asked questions


Q. Can I extend the term of the policy?
A. Yes, please contact UPI for details.

Q. How do I calculate the rebuild cost of the property?
A. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you with a rebuild cost calculation.

Q. Can I add contents insurance to the policy?
A. Yes. This is an optional cover at a fixed amount - please see our Cover Details page for rates and examples

Q. Can I insure the contents of the property only?
A. No, contents cover can only be added if the buildings are to be insured.

Q. Can I insure a property with a sum assured of over £1,000,000?
A. This is not usual, but we may be able to do so depending on the sum assured. Please contact UPI.

Q. Can I insure a property that is either boarded up or in a bad state of repair?
A. No, this policy is designed for property that has just become unoccupied temporarily pending sale or re-occupation.

Q. Can I insure a property that is undergoing renovation?
A. Yes, decorating and the fitting of new bathrooms and kitchens is acceptable.

Q. Can I insure unoccupied commercial property?
A. No, this policy is designed for residential property only.

Q. How long until I receive confirmation of cover?
A. On receipt of your cheque and proposal form, you will receive confirmation of cover within 5 working days.

Q. How long until I receive the policy schedule?
A. Policy schedules should be received within 14 working days from inception

Q. How do I make a claim?
A. Please call UPI on 01603 626904 between office hours, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Q. Does the property need regular inspection?
A. Yes, at least every 30 days throughout the term of the policy.