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Cover Details

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Ocaso SA
Approved by the Department of Trade & Industry, Members of the Association of British Insurers and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority
Cover Available for
Unoccupied Residential Properties
• Standard Perils (including subsidence)
• Fire, Lightning, Explosion and Earthquake
• Damage by Aircraft, Storm, Tempest or Flood
• Escape of Water, Escape of Oil
• Theft or Attempted Theft
• Malicious Damage
• Impact by Vehicle or Animal
• Falling Trees, Telegraph Poles or Lamp-Posts
• Falling of Fixed Television Aerials, Satellite Dishes
• Property owners Liability £2,000,000
Max Building
Sum Insured
£1,000,000 — Higher amounts are offered on referral
Please note the importance of entering the correct rebuild sum insured as this will affect any claim payout. If you are under-insured, which means the cost of rebuilding the buildings at the time of loss or damage is more that your sum insured for the buildings, then you will only receive a proportion of the claim payout. For example: if your sum insured only covers one half of the cost of rebuilding the buildings, you will only receive half of the cost of repair or replacement.)
£1000 subsidence, landslip or heave. All other claims up to £250

please call our claims helpline on 01603 626904

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